Giving back is a class act!

Giving back is a class act!

Alignment Simple Solutions, the parent company of QuickTrick Alignment was brought to life out of need. Designer and owner Gary Gann realized that the automotive industry had a need for an easy and quick way to align cars without expensive jigs and other equipment. From that need he designed a camber and toe measurement system.  Gann developed the system over the years until it he came up with a portable and compact alignment measuring system that was ready for commercialization. 

“The toe system can be set up and checked in less than 5 minutes” according to Gann. But is it as precise as the a full blown alignment machine? “Accuracy is within 0.01 degree on camber and 1/64th of an inch on toe.” Alignments won’t get much more precise then that!Co-branded QT:VJ

Gann’s wife Tess Winningham, who is the CEO of the company, has definitely put Quicktrick on the ‘winning’ track. Winningham’s experience as an executive in the business world dealing with Fortune 500 companies has grown the company over 450% in the last few years. However the growth couldn’t have happened without the help of CFO James Taylor who brought on board his extensive knowledge of finance, internal controls and management. 

With all the success surrounding their company they decided to give back to the community. “We are so fortunate to be involved in an industry that has embraced our product and recognizes its value” says Winningham. “It has become exceedingly vital to us to be able to give back to both our community and our industry.” How did they accomplish this? A few different ways. 

“This year I was fortunate to become involved with the Auburn Technical Assistance Center, an Outreach Center of the Raymond J. Herbert College of Business.” They work with with students to help them create and design their own inventions. They show them the steps needed to get come up with a product, design it, and market it properly. “My takeaway? Helping our youth nurture a passion for the automotive aftermarket…that is immeasurable.”

Other ways they gave back was by donating 5% of sales to the Victory Junction. They have also created a fundraiser that raised over $1000 for the camp. But Gann and Winngham didn’t stop there. They donated two QuickTrick systems to be auctioned off at the Victory Junction’s Holiday Auction with all proceeds benefiting them. All this giving back to the community hasn’t gone unnoticed either. They have been recognized with the Alabama Governors Excellence Award, nominated for the Manufacturer of The Year Awards and the Alabama Small Business of The Year. This is definitely one company that appreciates the community that makes them a success and gives back to them.