With two quality performance product manufacturers coming together, you can only expect great things. This is exactly what we expect from QA1 with their recent acquisition of Edelbrock’s suspension line. Not only is the acquisition bringing two high-quality companies together, it is also set to give QA1 customers over 100 more parts for their performance needs.

The Edelbrock line acquired includes torque and trailing arms, anti-hop bars, panhard rods, k-member braces, sway bars, sub-frame connectors, toe links, strut tower braces, and many other products. These products will be added to the already quality selection of springs, shocks and tubular suspension components that QA1 offers. With the acquisition of some of Edelbrock’s proven American-made performance products, QA1 is determined to continue with Edelbrock’s performance tradition.

QA1 was founded in 1993 and is in Lakeville, Minnesota, home to over 66,000 square feet of manufacturing space for QA1 in two separate facilities. State-of-the-art CNC and injection molding machines, as well as laser-etching equipment and hydraulic presses are just a few components that set QA1 and their all-inclusive shock absorber manufacturing and assembly operations apart from the rest. Top that with cross-trained customer service staff backed by techs and engineers, and QA1 obviously offers the utmost quality in their products and service.

We’re excited to see QA1 acquiring Edelbrock’s suspension line. We can’t wait to see what the acquisition means for the future of an already high-quality motorsport and performance component company.