Pulstar Spark Plugs Wins Major Customer Satisfaction Award

When it comes to the automotive aftermarket, there are literally thousands of vendors vying for your dollars. In our experience, an overwhelming majority of these companies provide a good product at a fair price with great customer service. That’s because the car community is so close (thanks to the Internet) that unscrupulous companies rarely last long as word of their misdeed spreads.

Even so, every year a few companies go above and beyond, delivering the kind customer service most consumers only dream of. Global growth consultants Frost & Sullivan annually awards companies that it sees as offering the best business practices and values in their industry. This year they’ve selected pulse plug maker Pulstar as the recipient of their Customer Value Enhancement award, which is a fancy way of saying that Pulstar’s plugs do what they say they will do at a very competitive price.

Pulstar’s pulse spark plugs claim to deliver more spark, better fuel economy, and improved performance. Frost & Sullivan found this to be true, as the pulse plugs delivered 10% better performance than your standard plug, and can increase power by as much as 7%, and torque up to 9%. Add to that a 100,000 mile warranty, and these spark plugs really sound like a great value thanks to their pulse technology, which delivers 20,000 times the power as the standard 50 watt plug.

And that is why Enerpulse, Pulstar’s parent company, is taking the “Customer Value Enhancement” award for 2012. It can be easy to get lost in all the marketing when it comes to automotive parts, but it isn’t all always just hype. Pulstar sounds like the real deal, and now they have the award to back it up.

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