Prototype GM LS V10 For Sale On Ebay

Let us tell you a story. Once upon a time, GM was considering building a V10 LS. This isn’t a fairytale, this actually happened. The engineers at GM thought it would be a good idea to develop a V10 LS to power their line of Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks. They even went as far as to develop a prototype. But alas, like many awesome OEM-based ideas, it was just a little too unpractical and the project was eventually scrapped—literally.

According to Lee Masters of VC Fabrication, something along the lines of 3-5 of the prototype engine were built. They were later scrapped when the project didn’t pan out and that’s how one of these unicorn engines fell into Master’s lap. A friend of his frequently purchased scrap metal in bulk. However, he was shocked one day when he found what appeared to be a V10 LS in the pile of “junk.”

For the full story, you can head over to the full article we did on it a while back here, but for now, just know that’s how it came into Lee’s possession, and now it can fall into yours (see the eBay ad here). After Lee got the engine up and running—after countless tests to make sure the engine was structural sound before even firing it—it made its way into a project car that VC Fabrication put together, a ’64 Impala.

Not what we would have chosen for its home and, unfortunately, Lee agreed. While it was cool to see it running and driving, Lee didn’t particularly want to add a ’64 Impala to his fleet and thus the V10 was pulled out of the car.

“Since we’ve moved into our new building, the thing has literally sat in the corner in the project car for the last 8 to 10 months,” Lee explained. “I figured, coming up on that kind of time frame, it’s still a cool piece and I’m sure someone out there wants to have it and do something with it and that’s kind of what I’m looking for. We’ve talked to a few museums but I’m more the type that if you got it use it, so it’s a functional thing that I want someone to use and enjoy.”

We can get on board with Lee’s sentiments as we’re not the “storing cars for future generations” type. However, it is an irreplaceable piece of GM’s illustrious history that wasn’t even intended to see the light of day in the first place and rightfully deserves a spot in a museum—but it’s much cooler that it will actually be used by someone.

Lee tells us that it was killing him just having it sit in the corner and believes that it’s too unique not to be shared with the public. That’s why he’s decided to put it up for auction on eBay. It currently has a Buy It Now price of $25,000 but the bidding currently sits at $4,275.55. Obviously, Lee has the right to pull it if it doesn’t meet reserve, which it isn’t looking like it’s going to—at least not this time around.

While $25K may sound like a lot, for what this thing really is, it’s worth every cent—at least if you ask us. Lee tells us that he’s willing to work out a deal with someone and help get it in a car and running and driving.

“We’re looking for that one person that’s looking to put it in a vehicle and keep it running, so we’re just trying to give someone else the opportunity of what we’ve had with it,” Lee said. “We’re just growing so rapidly, I don’t even know that I’ll have time to do anything with it in the next year, so it’s time to let it go.”

Lee tells us that the engine’s serial numbers were sent to GM to verify that the mill was an actual prototype. He says that he received a response that said something along the line of “yeah, that wasn’t supposed to make it to the public. It was supposed to be destroyed” which at the very least tells us that they are aware of it. He says he has other documentation as well showing that the engine is a bonified prototype LS that never saw the light of day. Can you imagine a boosted version of one of these? That would be a sight.

On that note, if you’d like to see this thing twin-tubo’d, well here’s your chance. That is if you beat us to it. Though we’ll be saving for a while. And, if you do buy it, let us know. We’d like to keep tabs on this thing. BUY IT NOW! Clean one-owner.

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