When an inexperienced driver or someone with poor car control skills decides to show off, the consequences can be dire; fortunately no one in this video was injured. With the knowledge that nobody took a bumper to the face, it is time to review the issues with this specific display of tire destruction, and there are many of them. First off, the title is misleading. “Corvette drifting Rm” lacks actual drifting, which requires car control and skill. A 16-year-old would be able to smoke the tires and slide the car around in the manner depicted in this clip, but there is not actual drifting, just jackassery that endangered human life and other vehicles.

With the crowd standing so close to the action, parked cars and a couple of motorcycles in close proximity this could have been a recipe for disaster. The limited space combined with an out of control driver leads to the third issue with this display. Upon hearing the amplified exhaust and the squeal of tires the crowd (including the bystander who shot this video) rushes to get close to the action. It would seem like a good idea to get further away from a reckless driver, but the sheer lack of common sense by the crowd is awe-inspiring. It would have been an epic fail if something were to have gone wrong, but luckily the brainless crowd and ‘Vette driver got away without a scrape.