When modifying your vehicle for the utmost in performance, pushing the bleeding edge is perfectly acceptable. That’s what this magazine you’re reading exists. But in doing so, safety should always be your primary objective above all others.

Disc Brakes Australia is Australia’s leader in innovative development and production of brake rotors for OEM and the automotive aftermarket and has positioned itself as a worldwide supplier of top of the line brake rotors. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, DBA is certainly among the authorities on brake technology and the safety measures associated with aftermarket brake installations.

To better educated consumers on such safety measures, Disc Brakes Australia has put together a collection of Tech Tip editorial features and videos, located on their website at www.dbausa.com.

Their most recent tech feature pinpoints the proper installation procedures to ensure the job is done right. The piece begins by taking a look at hub run-out and insuring the proper measurement of this critical procedure. From there, we take a look at the procedure for removing pads from the caliper assembly, inspecting the caliper assembly, and finally, measuring the installed rotor run-out once it’s bee installed. To view the January 2011 Tech Tip in its entirety, click here.