Proline Powered Corvette In Search Of “IRS” Record

Robbie Clark's awesome twin turbo Corvette Photo: Robbie Clark

Proline Racing out of the state of Georgia has easily became a household name in the world of drag racing — most recognized for their work in the Outlaw 10.5 and Pro Modified classes setting numerous records. From big block to small block they do it all and do it well, relying on massive amounts of boost from turbochargers along with one of the best tuners in the land, Steve Petty. The guys at Proline have also ventured into the LSX platform and most recently they’ve been involved in a build that could well achieve the prized “IRS” record.

Robbie Clark already owned this nasty, street-driven Corvette, and as the horsepower bug bit, the effort became an all-out race initiative. The plan called for a custom chassis that would hold the utmost of power coming from the new 427 LSX Proline engine. As the car came together, Proline assembled one of the sickest LS-based power plants we’ve seen in some time. Packed inside the 427 is a Callies billet crankshaft, custom PLR camshaft and a completely upgraded valve train. Complementing all that is inside is a Precision Metalcraft sheet metal intake manifold.

Pushing this engine are a pair of Precision Turbo 88mm turbochargers allowing horsepower levels to climb into the 3,000 range. All that power combined with the upgraded C5

Corvette chassis will take the performance of the IRS cars to the next level which is exactly what Clark had in mind with his build. The current IRS record is held by Sal Patel and his Dodge Viper at 7.11 seconds. Look for this monster to hit the track within the next month and be laying down some serious numbers in search of that world record run!

Check out Robbie Clark’s build thread on Yellowbullet for all the details.

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