The folks at ProCharger have started blogging about their customer’s C7 ‘Vette builds that feature the potent new P-1SC supercharger kit. With some claiming 700 rear wheel horsepower with tuning from a mostly stock engine, these systems can really take your new Stingray to the next level.

High end builders from West Coast Customs in Corona, California, Late Model Racecraft in Texas, and Colorado’s Corvette Connection are just a few that have put together boosted C7s, and we can only imagine what it’s like to have such an agile chassis with power that can produce 9-second timeslips, with sticky tires of course.

 West Coast Customs’ black and yellow Stingray is a totally customized sports car, complete with gigantic stereo system, custom paint and interior. The engine is largely stock, but ProCharger’s blower makes this Stingray behave like a different animal.

West Coast Customs produces top notch performance vehicles for many celebrities; check out their site HERE.

The second high-powered Corvette featured comes from Colorado's Corvette Connection and the owner had this to say: 'The thing is wicked, wicked fast. Put’s my CTS-V to SHAME. ~6000 RPM in third gear is scary!'

The guys at Late Model Racecraft in Texas have also been playing with ProChargers’s C7 system and have made 700 RWHP with their blue beast.

Key Features:

  • 40% HP gain with P-1SC-1 on 7 PSI (pump gas)
  • 50% HP gain with tuner kit, custom tuning
  • OEM quality bolt-on design and finish
  • Only three silicone hoses and one metal tube in the entire intercooler system 
  • Two air inlet options–OEM interface inlet or race air inlet
  • Retains the factory brake cooling ducts
  • Allows upgrade up to F-1X and F-2 without modification

We don’t know of many companies that follow where their products end up, but If you have one of ProCharger’s C7 systems, drop them a line, your car could be featured in their ongoing blog.