The Corvette Z06 Carbon Edition is a bad, bad car – and we mean that in a good way. Even stock, these things are just a few ticks behind the top-dog ZR1 at the track in spite of having quite a bit less power, all thanks to handling goodies like magnetic ride control and the same brakes as the ZR1. It truly is a spectacular car even in stock form.

But now, the boost experts at ProCharger have the honor of saying that they are among the first to add a big ole helping of supercharger induced boost to the feared and respected Z06 Carbon Edition. In a recent post on their website, ProCharger tells us that they got their hands on one of the 500 Carbon Z06’s, which happens to be owned by an un-named professional football player. ProCharger just simply did what they do best with the car – adding a P-1SC-1 centrifugal supercharger, air-to-air intercooler, and a few supporting mods like headers for a simple but effective combo. ProCharger says that at a mere 5 PSI of boost, the new ProCharger really woke the LS7 up, making an astonishing 703 horsepower and 638 pound feet of torque.

When the yet-to-be named NFL player drove his car after the ProCharger install, he was quoted as saying, “This is stupid fast!” We plan to keep an eye out for more info on this sweet Carbon Z06, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: Thanks to one of our readers, Chad Hall, we now know that this ProCharged Carbon Z06 belongs to New Orleans Saints kicker, Garrett Hartley. Thanks for the info Chad!