PRI 2013: Jiffy-Tite Rolls Out The Compact Series Of Fittings

We have used Jiffy-Tite fittings on several occasions with our project cars. They’re valved, quick connect designs make servicing parts like carburetors and other fluid systems easier. With no worry about rounding the hex on fittings that require frequent service the time and hassle saved with their fittings is worth the investment alone.

However, what if you don’t require one of their valved fittings for your application, but still want to reap the benefits of their quick connect system? Jiffy-Tite was on-hand at the PRI show to demonstrate their latest line of hose and fluid line fittings, called the Compact Series. The Compact Series offers the same confidence inspiring fitment as the company’s valved fittings, in a smaller package that still allows for the benefit of their quick-disconnect functionality. “The Compact Series has all of the same features as our valved line, with quick connect, no stripping, no forgetting to tighten, or over-tightening, condensed down into a compact product line,” says Jiffy-Tite’s Duane LaFleur. “These fittings can be used anywhere, and everywhere a fitting would be utilized in a fluid system where valve technology is not a requirement,” says LaFleur.

If you’re unfamiliar with the offerings from Jiffy-Tite, the company offers fluid hose fittings with a quick connect design. This design means that users don’t have to rely on a wrench every time they need to disconnect a line with a Jiffy-Tite fitting. As LaFleur points out as well, “It’s either connected or it’s not” as Jiffy-Tite fittings eliminate any guessing as to weather a fitting is secured tightly enough, by their positive click engagement.

The Jiffy-Tite compact line of fittings will go on sale in early 2014, and will be available in AN sizes ranging from -4 all the way up to -20 and pipe thread from 1/8 to 1-inch male NPT. A variety of seals are also available making the fittings compatible with a wide range of fuel and fluid types.


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