Red Line Oil has been bringing racer and high performance cars a consistently high caliber of lubricants for many years now. As Cameron Evans, Director of Marketing at Red Line explained, “We only make one grade of products. We don’t have a budget line and a medium line. We only have a top line of lubricants.”

The latest in the Red Line Oil stable is a lightweight racing ATF. According to Evans, “Our lightweight Racing ATF offers improved thermal stability which helps maintain viscosity while providing the frictional characteristics of OEM-style fluids.”

Other added benefits of the Red Line lightweight Racing ATF can be seen when the higher temps of racing tend to varnish internals like valves and clutches, but are noticeably absent in transmission that used the Red Line lightweight Racing ATF.

Because the Red Line lightweight Racing ATF provides a lower volatility, there is reduced oxidation within the transmission.

Features of the Red Line Lightweight Racing ATF:

  • Superior consistency and wear protection for Bracket and Heads-Up drag racing transmissions like Powerglide and Turbo 400
  • Popular with turbo and blown doorslammer classes that use hydraulic oils and other non-ATFs used to escape heat issues.
  • Low viscosity offers less frictional drag for quicker ETs and more MPH
  • Dissipates heat for longer trans life, better clutch, gear, and seal life
  • Compatible with petroleum ATFs and other brands synthetic ATF
  • Extreme-pressure protection provides much better film-strength

To sum it up, Red Line Oil’s Lightweight Racing ATF has less friction, longer life and better protection for your two speed racing transmission. However you look at it, the bottom line is: that’s just great economy and high performance.

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