Ohlins has been a strong name in racing shocks for several years and in several types of racing. Now they are moving to the road racer and ultra street performer enthusiasts.  According to Christer Loow, Manager of the Automotive Department at Ohlins, “The TTX36 Inline shock will cover all types of racecars, from street performance and street/strip cars to hardcore road racing vehicles.”

Loow also explained that the focus was on adjustability, durability and ease of maintenance when developing these shocks. “We wanted a high end performance shock with a mid range price,” said Loow.

Features of the TTX36 Inline Shock:

  • Utilizes a twin tube design with a solid piston.
  • external valving provides dampening.
  • Wide adjustment range by turning two adjustment knobs.
  • Available in four length varieties.
  • Can be fitted with 1.5″ or 2″ springs.
  • Comes with springs, spring platforms, shock ends and mounting spacers and packers.

If you as sold on these and want to buy a set, you’ll have to wait until they hit the market in February. Meanwhile, you can dream about these and check out the other offerings from the shock company at www.ohlinsusa.com/us