PRI 2010: Manley’s High Performance LS Engine Rotating Assembly

If you’ve put together a high performance engine anytime in the last 45 years, chances are that you have used at least one component from Manley Performance.  We were lucky enough to catch Manley’s Vice President, Trip Manley, at the PRI trade show.

Manley showed us the newest combination from the company, the LS engine rotating assembly.  We checked out the list of available components and were surprised by the range of Manley’s rotating assemblies.  From LS1 through LS7, you can put together a complete package for any street performer to full out, severe duty race engine.

Manley also covers the valve components with their stainless valves, heat treated high alloy steel 7 degree valve locks, NexTek series Street/Strip single conical Valve Springs and lightweight, CAD designed 7 degree titanium retainers.

Another inclusion in the package is the 4130 Chrome Moly Swedged end Manley pushrods. The same pushrods in which many engine builds have benefitted from. These 5/16″ diameter pushrods are available in all the common lengths and are heat treated and black oxide finished.

Manley’s SBC billet steel double roller chain timing kits compliment the high performance package nicely with stock sized or .005″ shorter size available. These timing chain kits feature a 9 keyway crankshaft sprocket and captive Torrington bearing for long life and easy wear.

The choice in pistons for the package is defined by the application, however, Manley offers their Platinum Series pistons in this package. These pistons are high strength 2618 material in a lightweight design with offset wrist pins. They have designed these pistons for reluctor wheel clearance and feature a moly coated surface on the piston skirts.

H beam standard weight steel Connecting rods provide the power transfer. Manufactured from 4340 forgings, these steel rods are heat treated, stress relieved by shot peening and magnafluxed. Rated up to 775 horsepower by virtue of the ARP 2000 cap screws, these rods are weight matched within a gram and a half.

Manley’s Pro Series crankshaft is the cornerstone of this rotating assembly package and is available in lightweight and super lightweight designs. The crankshaft is forged from 4340 material and heat treated in a multi step process. After heat treating for strength, the crankshaft is nitrided for additional surface hardness.  Available in either 24 or 58 tooth reluctor wheel.  The mains are gun drilled and rod journals are lightened for weight reduction, then the entire shaft is stress relieved by shot peening.

Custom rotating assemblies are available from Manley with several options available. For more information on Manley’s line of high performance engine components, visit them at

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