One of our favorite stops at any trade show is DJ Safety to see Joe Hansen and his crew. When it comes to driver safety, Hansen always seems to go the extra mile with his products. The latest DJ Safety product on display at the the 2010 PRI tradeshow in Orlando, peeked our interest for the drag racing crowd.

DJ Safety’s lower engine containment device helps keep drivers safe by keeping oil and debris from getting on the track’s surface, not to mention it speeds up track cleanup when a motor goes south during a run.

What makes DJ Safety’s engine containment devices unique is that they are hand crafted for each engine application.  There are a couple of different mounting options for the devices, either header or frame mount, and they are SFI rated.

Features of the DJ Safety Lower Engine Containment Device:

  • Available in any block/oil pan configuration including Modular blocks.
  • Easy installation and removal in either header or frame mounting.
  • Kevlar construction and straps option available for extra heat protection.
  • Custom fit option available for complex oil systems.

For more information on DJ Safety’s lower engine containment devices or any of the safety products from DJ Safety, visit them at