Disc Brakes Australia (dba) has a unique ventilation system that they call ‘Kangaroo Paw’ ventilation.  The uniqueness doesn’t stop there.  DBA 5000 series rotors, “are designed for the serious street driver. These rotors feature Thermo-Graphic paint markings for heat monitoring, which no other company does,” said Mark Joseph, Director of Marketing for DBA.

“These are a two piece ultra high performance rotor that is manufactured with aerospace grade materials. Using the Alumalite material, there is added heat protection for you wheel bearings and the rotors are resistant to distortion because the disc is allowed to expand uniformly,” added Joseph.

According to the company’s literature, the series 5000 rotors with the thermal stability profiling and kangaroo paw ventilation not only run cooler, built stronger but they outperform traditional straight vane disc rotors by as much as 20%.

So if you are a serious road racer or canyon carver, you may want to take a close look at the DBA Series 5000 two piece brake rotors.

For more information about DBA and their line of brake products, visit them at www.dba.com.au.