Crane Cams has once again upped their game and brought out another choice for engine builders using mechanical roller lifters. The Crane Classic roller lifters are still available and are a great choice for moderate to moderately aggressive cam profiles, but for those looking for something to tame the wildest engine combination, the Ultra-Pro Series roller lifter may be in order.

We talked with Chase Knight of Crane Cams about the Ultra Pro Series. “These roller lifters are lighter weight, which can increase RPM potential and the beveled edges on the roller and internal channels in the lifter body offer better oiling characteristics than any other roller lifter,” said Knight.

We liked the design of the lifter body with extra clearance for the rollers. The combination of roller wheel, bearing and axle have been optimized so that wildly aggressive cam lobes pose no issue at all.

Features of the Crane Cams Ultra-Pro Mechanical Roller Lifter:

  • Lifter bodies designed using FEA to balance high strength at minimum weight.
  • Precision CNC machined.
  • Heat treated and carburized 8260 steel billet.
  • Bearing focused oiling system.
  • Heat treated steel guide bars with Monel steel pins.
  • Integral pushrod seats that strengthen the lifter and assure correct valve train geometry.

Knight assured us that the Ultra-Pro lifters, “Demonstrated significantly increased levels of performance and dependability in track testing.”

For more information about Crane Cams and the Ultra-Pro Mechanical Roller Lifters, visit them at