Prague Celebrates America’s Sports Car at Annual Corvette Event

The Corvette is America’s sports car, but it’s not just those of us here in the states that like the two-seater Chevys. Although Europe is known for creating some pretty potent exotics, automotive enthusiasts there also have an enthusiasm for the American staple and have celebrated the passion for their cars at the International Corvette Meeting for 12 years now. Check out some of the highlights from this year’s meet in the video above.

You may not expect to see rows and rows of Corvettes on the streets of Prague, Czech Republic if you ever visit the popular travel destination; after all, it’s mostly known for its architecture and vibrant art culture, but if you visit during late July, chances are you’ll see plenty of the American sports car around. During the summer, Prague plays host to countless tourists but Corvette owners take over one weekend in July, filling the main thoroughfares, parking lots and historic cobblestone streets with pure American horsepower.

Car shows featuring Corvettes are not hard to come by, but there is something about seeing a selewction of Corvette generations from C1 to C6 with Prague as their backdrop that makes this event stand out.

This year, the International Corvette Meeting was held on July 21st, with Corvette owners pulling their prized rides into the exhibition center in Holešovice starting at 9:30 a.m. While the annual event has taken place over two days in the past, this year’s festivities only lasted a day with the main show wrapping up at 5:00p.m. Luckily, that’s not when the party ended, however.

After leaving the show area, Corvette owners took their rides up to the famous Prague Castle for a unique display and photo opportunities before heading to Lávka Skochovice for dinner and an awards ceremony.

A total of 120 Corvettes were at the International Corvette Meeting this year, with every generation represented.

Some of the standouts we found on were a black 1963 split-window, C5 pace car and a custom C6 complete with chrome body wrap, molded rear tail panel and rear split window design.

There was even a Geiger GTS, a modified C6 ZR1 that features a massive rear diffuser, nose vent and 710 HP LS9 engine among other modifications, designed by Geiger Cars of Munich, Germany at the show.

And yes, one person had to be different, showing up in their fifth-gen Camaro convertible instead of a Vette.

The video above features many cars from the event and although we can’t tell you what anyone is saying, it’ll give you an idea of the atmosphere and happenings at the event. As an added bonus, there is even some footage of girls modeling on cars in the beginning and a run-in with a woman that doesn’t seem too pleased with the models laying across the hood of her purple C4 toward the end of the video.

If you’re an international Corvette fan or willing to travel the world for your favorite Chevy model, the International Corvette Meeting in Prague seems to be the place to be in late July. Corvettes are pretty popular here but when “imported” Corvettes gather for a day dedicated to the model half way across the world, it’s definitely something worth checking out if you’re in the area.

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