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Power Automedia is responsible for leading the automotive industry’s digital media sector by providing turnkey event coverage, up close and personal car features, and a steady stream of daily news content.

We want to share a newly launched subscription page that details the entire Power Automedia family of magazines.

As fellow enthusiasts we understand that we serve a readership of car and truck lovers who are as loyal to their makes and models as an NHL or NCAA fan is to their team. Because of this we want to share a newly launched subscription page that details the entire Power Automedia family of magazines.

You can check that out by clicking here.

It will give you a chance to familiarize yourself with our other publications that you may not have previously knew existed.

Maybe you’re an off-roading nut with dreams of attending King of Hammers or a tech savvy builder on the pursuit of expanding your fuel-injection and naturally aspirated knowledge base.

Check out some details about our family of magazines below and be sure to subscribe to those that you’re passionate about. You’ll receive up-to-date news and feature articles within the car and truck markets that matter to you most.

Off-Road Xtreme – 4×4 & Trucks

Off-Road Xtreme incorporates all aspects of the off-road performance, competition, and enthusiast market. From dirt-under-your-fingernails hardcore tech to lightening fast event coverage–ORX brings its readers the information they need to face off against sand, rocks, mud, or snow.

Diesel Army – Diesel Trucks

Diesel Army is dedicated to Ford Power Stroke, Dodge Cummins, and GM Duramax owners who want to upgrade their truck’s performance. DA also reviews diesel offerings from the Big 3 so you know you’ll be receiving a 360-degree view of Diesel culture.

Rod Authority – Street Rods & Trucks

Rod Authority is the only hot rod and kustom magazine dedicated to the eclectic classic market. From trucks, hot rods, kustoms, and rats to gassers, street rods, and Concours-level builds–RA’s mission is to provide an unbiased view of America’s golden age of the automobile.

Street Muscle – Hot Rod & Muscle Car

Street Muscle is the internet’s most popular digital magazine for the GM, Ford, and MOPAR muscle car enthusiast. SLTV specializes in 60s-70s era American-muscle with a nod to Detroit’s modern performance vehicles.

Chevy Hardcore – Chevy & Bowtie

Chevy Hardcore is dedicated entirely to the diehard Chevrolet enthusiast. From iconic Tri-Fives and 60s-70s Chevy muscle to late-model LT/LS/LSX powered cars and trucks–CHC provides unrivaled coverage of one of America’s most iconic manufacturers.

Corvette Online – All Things Corvette

From classic to current, Corvette Online covers all generations of GM’s flagship performance model providing daily news & rumors, motorsports exclusives, car features, industry updates, in-depth tech, and more.

LSX Magazine – Late-Model GM/LS

LSX Magazine is the leading online publication dedicated to late-model GM LS performance. LSX Magazine brings its readers the latest in domestic & import LS swaps and LS powered performance vehicles including Camaro, Firebird, Corvette, CTS-V, and GM Truck.

Stang TV – Ford & Mustang

Stang TV is the flagship for diehard enthusiasts of the original Pony Car. Founded in 2006, Stang TV’s objectives are to inform, educate, and entertain its readership. This publication is produced and managed by real Mustang enthusiasts who eat, breathe, and sleep Ford performance.

Dragzine – Drag Racing

Dragzine delivers the hard-hitting news and event coverage that drag racers and fans crave. Updated daily, DZ keeps readers up-to-date on the rumors and news from NHRA, ADRL, NMCA, Outlaw, and Drag Radial events. In addition to this, you can count on a constant stream of videos, tech features, and interviews with both the racing communities up-and-coming and legends alike.

Engine Labs – Engine Tech

EngineLabs is the leading online resource for performance engine tech. With a focus on the fast pace racing and performance communities–EngineLabs explores the new parts, tactics,rationale, and strategies that guide the creative minds obsessed with making horsepower.

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