We’ve all been speculating what the new C7 Corvette will look like when it is released in a couple years. Unfortunately, very little information has been released to confirm or deny these vast circulating ideas. Wanting more information about the future model, Popular Mechanics sent reporter Colin Mathews out to the Woodward Dream Cruise to see if he could get any more insider information about the Corvette to bring to their readers. According to Corvette Blogger, although Popular Mechanics’ findings were vague, they do point toward widely accepted C7 probabilities.

While Mathews ran into plenty of people who remained tight-lipped, he was able to gather some information on the C7. According to one individual, the C7 is not going to be released as a 2013 like expected. Rather, it is going to be a 2014 model to be produced starting in May of 2013.

As far as what the C7 will look like, the insider with the model-year information stated that the new Corvette will have square taillights. A young designer told Mathews that the C7 will have quarter windows like the C2s had back in the day. Ed Welburn, one of General Motors very own, implied that the split rear window might also be returning, leading Corvette Blogger to think that the new C7 may have many retro design cues.

For the engine that is set to power the Corvette, Mathews believes the new 5.5L Chevrolet V8 small block will be used. One designer Mathews talked to told him that the base C7 will have close to the same horsepower as the current Z06 and the C7 Z06 model will push toward the 638 HP of the current ZR1.

With the promising information that Mathews gathered about the C7, it looks like the new model will be an improvement of the C6 in all aspects. For more information and quotes that Mathews gathered for Popular Mechanics, check out Corvette Blogger’s take on the magazine article.