Police: Drunk Crashes Corvette, Leaves Injured Passenger Behind

morel-2Suffice to say, there are all kinds of individuals, noble and foolish, who count themselves as Corvette owners. For every good-hearted servant of charity, there is an entitled, drunken buffoon behind the wheel of this great American sports car. But there are some acts so despicable that you can’t help but feel ashamed for liking the same kind of car as these lowlifes.

morel-1It is bad enough that police accuse William Morel of drunk driving and crashing his Corvette in Bedford, Massachusetts. But then he allegedly fled the scene, leaving behind an injured passenger according to The Telegraph. All we can say is.. .really?

According to police, on Saturday night Morel was driving his 2006 Corvette on Campbell street when he crashed it, tearing off a chunk of the back end and leaving the car facing the wrong way. Now we don’t know who called the police, so maybe, just maybe it was Morel who alerted them to the crash, which left his passenger injured.

But then to just abandon them? That is just cold, man. Police caught up with Morel 2.5 miles down the road and arrested him for, among other things, drunk driving, reckless conduct, and operating with a suspended license. Maybe he was trying to walk for help. Maybe he was just abandoning ship. That is an issue for the courts to decide. What’s important here is he didn’t get away with his drunken buffoonery. Losing the Corvette is just icing on the cake.


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