Pink Pearl Corvette Owned by Harley Earl’s Wife For Sale

pink-5Being a higher-up at a major car company like General Motors comes with all sorts of perks, as you might imagine. Even after one retires, companies tend to keep former executives on retainer, granting them access to privileges the public doesn’t even know about. While Harley Earl retired from GM in 1958, he was still on good enough terms to order a pair of custom 1963 Corvette Stingrays, including a one-off Pink Pearl coupe for his wife, Sue.

This unique Corvette, which hasn’t been on the market since the current owner bought it in 1976, is finally set to cross the Mecum auction block this weekend, reports Hemmings Auto Blog. The estimated selling price is between $500,000 and $750,000, though it could easily go for more.

We say that because the last unique Harley Earl Corvette, a 1963 Stingray convertible that was one of a kind, sold for a tremendous $1.5 million last year. Meanwhile, this unrestored, one-off pink-on-pink ‘63 Corvette has sat collecting dust with less than 27,500 miles on the odometer. It’s barely been broken in, and the history of this car is well documented to boot.

The Corvette was returned to GM for improvements that included a single-piece window rather than the famous split-window design, as well as additional air vents for improved cooling. In 1965 the Corvette got more upgrades, like disc brakes, new fenders, and a new console. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind car, and one that rarely gets seen and has not traded hands in some 37 years. We wouldn’t be surprised if bidding crossed the $1 million mark, but what’s your best best for this pink ‘Vette? 

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