Phoenix Systems Cyber Monday Sale!

So you don’t need any particular parts this year for Christmas that you haven’t already bought yourself? Either that or your spouse put a moratorium on your parts buying until Junior gets that new bicycle or X-box game he’s been after, right? What about tools. Did she specifically say anything about tools?

Cyber Monday is upon us, it’s the Holiday shopping bonanza that promises great deals that you can’t get any other time of the year. So whether you’re looking to take advantage of a deal for yourself or for someone you know, we’ve got another Cyber Monday tip for either you or the gearhead on your shopping list.

Phoenix Systems, the makers of some very trick fluid bleeding and brake testing equipment is having a 10% off sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday special just for you, our readers. If you enter coupon code “PowerTV” you will receive ten percent off your entire order upon check out.

Tired of getting asked to help bleed the brakes on the car every time your wrench swinging honey does a brake job? Get them a Phoenix V12 brake bleeder kit or V12 DIY. Then they can do it themselves next time and you won’t be stuck pumping the pedal while they yell from under the car to push, hold, don’t let up, how’s that pedal feel, etc? If they already have one, check out some of the accessories available for those tools as well, there’s all kinds of lights and adapters that we’re sure they would appreciate and will use.

This sale is for a limited time only and we highly recommend that you head to their homepage right meow and get shopping before these offers end (both you and your wife will thank us).


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