Philiadelphia Police Looking For Vandals That Trashed 1985 Corvette

Super Bowl wins can have an interesting effect on both the winners and the losers. Sometimes, the losers show more sportsmanship than the winners and sometimes, they become vandals, whether they win or lose. That said, the City of Brotherly Love was far from it for one C4 Corvette owner who parked her car at an art museum located at the corner of Judson Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. She parked there so she could view the parade being held on February 8th to celebrate the Eagles’ winning the Super Bowl.

While she was away, a crowd formed around and on her 1985 Corvette. Several people then proceeded to jump up and down on the vehicle at the same time, which resulted in extensive damage to the car’s top, hood and other body panels. Thankfully, other people in attendance took video of those who were doing the damage and now the Philadelphia Police are looking to bring those folks to justice.


Police are looking for the folks who foot-printed this ’85 Corvette during a super bowl celebration in Philadelphia.

Police are asking anyone that might know anything about the incident to call 215-686-TIPS (8477), text a tip to PPDTIP (773847) or email a tip to They ask that if you recognize anyone in this video, do not approach them, but rather dial 9-1-1. All tips will be kept confidential.

The next time someone comments negatively about you wanting to park your prized Corvette where you can keep your eye on it during your stay, feel free to show them this video. We sincerely hope that the officials are successful in locating and prosecuting those folks who feel it is okay to damage someone else’s property, whether in the name of revelry or spite. Either way, it’s wrong!

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