Pfadt Race Engineering’s Z06 ST1 racer originally started life as an ’06 Z06 that had 6,000 miles registered on the odometer. During the very first phase of its endurance racing career, the C6 was used by the Salt Lake City, Utah builder as a suspension development car, and since that time it has clocked 18,000 miles.

It’s currently in need of a motor, but according to Pfadt, “The car has everything for the drivetrain with the exception of a good longblock. An LS7 longblock can be purchased for about $10,000 from several sources… it is a waste of money to install anything other than a production LS7 in the car.”

Piloted by driver Danny Popp in ’09, the Z06 won NASA TTU, the time trial version of ST1, and ran in the low 1.57s on the outer loop at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, Utah. Pfadt Engineering is currently asking $30k for the nationally-competitive C6 endurance car, but as they claim that it would cost at least $75k to build a similar Vette it’s a great deal.

As it currently stands, Pfadt Race’s Z06 uses a number of the company’s components to get its job done at the track, including FeatherLight DA coilovers, Pfadt’s in-house spherical bearing and camber kit, race bars, pillow blocks, engine and transmission mounts, a C6Z cage and a carbon fiber driveshaft.

Pfadt also offers the potential buyer a choice in wheel selection so that the track-built Z06 can be even further customized; “I have a set of CCW wheels and 2 sets of ATS wheels for it. You can choose one set to go with the car; the others can be purchased.”

Other than the endurance track profile to which the C6 stands true, Pfadt has made a special effort to keep the Vette as close to GM-correct as they could. “It is a very easy to drive car and easy to maintain because there is very little ‘custom’ on the car. You can buy parts from the GM dealer to fix almost anything on a race weekend.”

The windshield wipers, defroster and other electrical components on the car still work, but drop in an engine and it’s ready to go out and kick ass whenever you are. For $30k and your choice of custom wheels, including all of its other race-ready features, do you find Pfadt Race Engineering’s time trial Z06 to be a reasonable value?