Pfadt Offers Free Tune Upgrade With C7 Tri-Y Header Purchase!


Pfadt Race Engineering is offering the deal of the month for you brand-new C7 Corvette owners! They’ve recently released their C7 Tri-Y long-tube headers, and if you purchase a set, for a limited time they’ll toss in a free tune upgrade with your purchase.

The C7 Corvette Stingray is possibly the most-anticipated Corvette of the last 20 years, and initial impressions are that the wait was well worth it. Pfadt’s Tri-Y headers [PN 1150045, $1,759] only improve what is a fantastic package right off the showroom floor by allowing the engine to make much more torque under the curve along with increasing top-end horsepower. 

They feature 1 7/8-inch primary tubes and 2 1/8-inch secondary tubes for superior flow. Each header is TIG-welded by hand to produce excellent junctions between tube transitions, and they are crafted from aircraft-grade T-304 16-gauge brushed stainless steel for a great look and long life. Watch the video below to hear the sound difference, which is immense  – and sounds great in our opinion.

Corvette_C6_Headers_3__67752.1373589010.1280.1280If you’ve never worked with V-band clamp connections, now’s your chance. Instead of using those ordinary band clamps to secure the pieces of your exhaust together, the V-band connectors are standard equipment. By using a welded ring on each side of the tube connection and a clamshell-style clamp to hold the pieces together, exhaust leaks are a thing of the past. No longer will you have to endure that tick-tick-tick of an exhaust leak from brand-new parts.

The headers are built with equal-length tubes in order to maximize power production, and the system is available with and without high-flow catalytic converters (an extra $240) depending upon your needs. 3-inch collectors and X pipe are included in the deal, and you save a whopping 24-27 pounds over the factory exhaust.

And the tune upgrade? When you combine it with the increased flow of the headers, power output rises a measured 46 horsepower and 41 foot-pounds of torque at the wheels, as seen by the dyno video below shot by a Pfadt customer. These are real-world gains here, not sales-speak! What are you waiting for?

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