Pfadt-Equipped Corvette Takes a Pfine Lass on a Ride

There’s a lot of reasons for guys to buy a Corvette: the name, the history, the performance, the price point. So it comes as a nice bonus when a lady hops inside to get a taste for herself of what the sports car can do.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 2.24.04 PMThe video shows the dashboard camera with a fly honey in the passenger seat–we’ll call her Mary Jo since we don’t really know–and Johnny O’Connell behind the wheel. That’s right, it’s that Johnny O’Connell, who, as the best-ever driver for Corvette Racing, has taking the podium at multiple 24 Hours of Le Mans races, winning 1st place four times: 1984, 2oo1, 2002, and 2009.

It’s safe to say the fair lass is in capable hands, being driven by one of the best Corvette drivers in history. And it doesn’t hurt that they’re driving along the famous Sebring course in sunny Florida.

The Corvette in question is a C6 Z06, armed to the teeth with full Pfadt suspension and Pfadt’s elite-class Tri-Y headers. With the Pfadt design, the Z06 is certainly getting its exhaust brought up to a new level by pairing non-adjacent cylinders together to create a super-scavenging effect with the 4-into-2-into-1 (Tri-Y) construction.

In this system, the exhaust flow from individual cylinder pulses draw in air to the combustion chamber from the intake. What this means is a much more efficient power curve, and consequently a greater amount of usable torque in the mid-range, while not sacrificing any top-end power for peak numbers.

But we digress. Johnny and Mary Jo have some good times in the ‘Vette as it powers through the straightaways. Predictably, Mary Jo gets a little jittery as Johnny hits the throttle, and our well-meaning editor keeps things in good taste by editing out the parts where her language gets a bit less classy. But hey, it’s all good fun in the end, and this Pfadt-equipped Corvette delivers it in spades.

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 2.23.26 PM

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