Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the combination of pearl orange and brown makes one think about Turkey Day. Wayne Greenfield, of Maryland, took a 2007 C6 Corvette to a new level of custom. Greenfield’s C6 features a plethora of billet, chrome and wild textiles that results in an eye catching Corvette that stands out at car shows. However, this particular C6 was not ignored in terms of performance enhancement; a ProCharger supercharger forcefeeds the already potent LS2. Based on the dyno number of 820 horsepower this LS2 is likely to have benefitted from some additional performance goodies and possibly some engine work. Underneath the vented and airbrushed hood, Greenfield made certain that the accessories such as the valve covers were painted to match the exterior; what could not be painted was replaced with polished pieces along with some chrome accents.

Like the rest of the wild exterior modifications, the interior was treated to what Greenfield’s neighbors are likely to consider an excessive stereo system. With lots of bass and flash, the driver and passenger are treated to sitting on a combination of black full quill Ostrich leather and Gucci fabric. Being a hoochie for Gucci, the fabric is also used on the door panels, center console and the panels below the dash. Those walking past are able to get an excellent view of the exotic interior thanks to the addition of “Lambo” style doors. 

While this Corvette might be more at home at a harvest festival than a racetrack, taste is a matter of personal opinion. We say that in the end, the only person you have to please is yourself – what do you think?