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OnStar App for iPhone Due at the End of October

Has not having the ability to remotely start your 5th Gen Camaro or C6 with your iPhone been making you blue? According to OnStar’s Facebook page, by the end of October, your dreams will all come true with the release of an OnStar app for the iPhone, with an Android version to follow.

The apps will allow paired phones to display diagnostic data, the current fuel level, tire pressure monitoring system data, fuel economy, and odometer readings, plus let owners lock or unlock doors and honk the horn in addition to the remote start feature. There will also be an in-app OnStar button to contact a live operator. All of this will be possible from anywhere in the world with cell phone service.

Expect the first news reports of Chevrolet vehicles being accidentally started in garages across the country by “pocket calls” to begin in early November…

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