Here’s what we know so far of GM’s latest Vette lineup: Not a hell of a lot, quite honestly. But this doesn’t mean that clues haven’t been dropped here and there either. In fact, GM’s re-release of the “LT” engine designation and the introduction of a virtual gauge cluster in the upcoming Cadillac XTS have been two of our biggest pieces of insight into what could possibly be the greatest generation so far in the Corvette’s timeline, the upcoming C7.

The C7 promises to be a technological and mechanical milestone for the nameplate, but some enthusiasts who are rich or resourceful enough, or perhaps even both may just have the opportunity this January to be one of the C7 cars’ lucky first owners.

That’s because Barrett-Jackson continues their tradition of auctioning off rare and valuable new cars for a cause like they did at the 2008 auction, where the very first ’09 ZR1 was sold for $1 million with proceeds going toward United Way. At last year’s auction, ’13 427 convertible VIN #1 was sold but was listed in the auction catalog as merely a regular C6.

Barrett-Jackson Lot#3016 for the upcoming January auction specifies that the C7 is a “one-of-a-kind” model from Chevy with proceeds going toward the “Center for Creative Studies.” The event will take place on January 19th at 8:30 PM at Barrett-Jackson’s Scottsdale, Arizona auction.

Speculation over which VIN C7 will be featured still lingers, but Vette journalist Rick Tavel guesses that the car will be VIN #2 since the very first C7 produced will most likely be going to the GM Heritage Center. This January’s Barrett-Jackson event in Scottsdale will be a rare opportunity to have the chance to own one of the first cars built in a brand new Vette family, and unless you plan on being in Detroit a few days earlier you don’t want to miss this new-gen Vette extravaganza!