Photo Credit: Yahoo! News

A massive dust storm led to the closure of Interstate 35 in Oklahoma, but not before dozens of cars and trucks plunged into the near-blackout conditions, resulting in more than 35 vehicles wrecked. The stretch of highway, near Blackwell, was closed along an 8-mile stretch last Thursday thanks to visibility conditions of less than 10 feet. High winds and drought conditions created the impenetrable cloud of red dust, and drivers unfamiliar with the concept of “Don’t drive into that place where the cars in front of you are disappearing” plunged into the chain-reaction pileup.

Helicopter video shows the blanket of dust still blowing across the interstate, with several wrecks visible through gaps in the cloud. Police say that though nine people were injured, there were no fatalities, and the highway was reopened Thursday night after the winds had abated and the wreckage was cleared.

Photos from the scene show emergency responders picking their way through cars, minivans, and big rigs strewn across the pavement, with a C5 Z06 Corvette pinned beneath what appears to be a Crown Vic.