We’ve all seen burnouts in our lives. Whether they were good or bad, not many of us have gotten the opportunity to see the event in slow motion. Thanks to a new YouTube video, we now all have that chance.

The video shows a very nice red C6 doing a burnout in a parking lot. The video is shot at 240 frames per second, extending the 7 second burnout to over a minute long. You may wonder what’s so special about a burnout in slow motion. I wondered the same thing before seeing it myself. The video gives us a unique look at a somewhat common occurrence among sports car owners. The exact moment when the burnout initiates can be pinpointed at such a slow video speed and is interesting to watch progress until the C6 is fully engulfed in tire smoke. At the end of the video, you can watch the burnout in real time and see just how extensive the slow motion video is.

Don’t disregard it as just another burnout video. This one’s really worth watching and might just give you a whole new respect for the art of the brodie.