Nitrous Express LS3 Hidden System Gives You The Edge You Need

With all of the beef talked at the track, and even on the message forums these days, getting that “edge” over your competition is not always easy. If you’re looking for ways to put the odds in your favor, and have an LS3, then Nitrous Express has a kit just for you!

Officially known as the Direct Port LS3 Hidden NX System, it allows you to install a high-quality nitrous system into your late-model Corvette, Camaro, G8 GXP, or LS3-swapped vehicle.

Utilizing a “spray bar system,” it can be ordered in the “Stage 6” configuration, which allows you to jet it from 50 HP all the way up to an additional 300 HP – more than enough to put any would-be competitors in your rearview mirror. Just make sure that your bottom end can handle it.

If you’re engine has been professionally built to handle loads of nitrous, then you can opt for the “Pro-Power” kit that can be jetted for 100-500 HP. The best part? NX will be happy to install the system into your intake for you, and have completed countless installs over the years – in both carbureted and fuel injected engines.

The plumbing is all hidden inside the intake manifold and installs in about an hour. Then you just hide all required wiring inside your factory wire loom to maintain the stock appearance. It doesn’t get any better than this, folks…

The plumbing is completely hidden inside the intake manifold, and judging by this shot, has very minimal effect on the intake tract. Pretty clever there, NX.

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