Nitrous-Enhanced Z06 Street Machine For Sale

The “signal-to-noise” ratio on most internet message boards is pretty bad – you have to sort through a lot of flames, spam, trolling, and general nonsense to get to the good stuff, and the infamous is no exception to the rule. But, with enough patience, occasionally you find the odd treasure among the trash, especially if you’re shopping for a Corvette. How about a 9-second street-driven Z06 to cure your craving of horsepower and speed? Low miles and “adult owned” may catch your eye, but it is the wild tone rumbling from the exhaust that will grab you by the ear and drag you in for more.


While the Z06 may have been the best of the C5 generation, there is always room for improvement in a hot rodder’s eyes. That’s why the owner of this Corvette pitched the stock engine and built a fully-forged mill that will handle a healthy dose of nitrous. The 346 cubic inch LS-based engine is topped off with two stages of nitrous through a direct port system and a plate system. Backing the engine is a TH400 transmission equipped with a trans brake which puts power down to the Hoosier rear tires.

93 octane compatibility, 20 MPG, and all the creature comforts still in place make this Corvette a true street machine. The owner is even throwing in the stock wheels and tires that will further allow you to mask the horsepower beneath the hood and lure in more unsuspecting victims. If the street isn’t for you, then you can tune up the nitrous system just a bit more and go for the stock cubic inch LS record.

If this sounds good, then head to the bank because this one could be yours today for just $40k.

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Matt Ebaugh

While Matt doesn't own any fast cars for himself, he does enjoy shooting photo of heads up doorslammers. Stationed in the northeast, Matt handles a lot of event coverage duties for Dragzine.
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