Once a year Nevada highway 341 is taken away from public use and turned into a race track inhabited by some of the most fearless drivers from across the country. Spectre, with help from FM3 Performance Marketing, resurrected the Hill Climb Challenge back in June of 2010 and it was held once again in June of 2011. This event brings out a plethora of performance vehicles from nearly all manufacturers; everything from Ferraris to Fords will make the attempt to join the infamous 341 club. The 2011 Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge hill climb featured some near misses, broken parts and nice representation of GM vehicles. A newly posted YouTube video documents some of the highlights of the 2011 event, including a couple familiar faces for GM fans, Aaron Pfadt (Pfadt Race Engineering) and Lou Gigliotti (LG Motorsports).

Aaron Pfadt piloted the Ring Spec Camaro through the course and in attempt to best his previous time he took the hill climb aspect of the event literally. As in any race, there are risks involved but Pfadt’s performance throughout the weekend was amazing. Like Pfadt, Gigliotti delivered a beautiful performance throughout the weekend while behind the LG Motorsports Corvette. With this being his second year taking part in the 2011 Speed by Spectre 341 Challenge hill climb, Gigliotti dropped his time down to 3 minutes and 14 seconds. Both of the drivers will most likely be back for the 2012 event with the desire to push both their car and driving skill to the limit.