It’s a small piece of the car, but quite important for its form and function; that’s right, we’re talking about the seat belt. Zip Corvette, of Richmond, Virginia, is adding to its repertoire several new reproduction seat belts for the C1-C4 Corvettes. Forget forums, swap meets, and junkyards; search Zip Corvette for the year and style you want and get what you need.

Official Release:

Zip Corvette has recently added reproduction seat belts for 1958-1996 Corvettes to its inventory which already includes a full selection of economy belts and replacement lap belts.

Many of the reproduction belts are designed to replicate the factory belts, including buckles with GM logos, correct color-matched seat belt boots and belt stops and original style 3 or 4 panel webbing. These Reproduction Seat Belts are designed for the Corvette enthusiast who is looking for the most complete and accurate seat belts available for their Corvette.

Because of issues with water intrusion and belt placement, factory seat belts are often found to be improperly working or totally frozen, causing your Corvette to be a hazard when driving. Until recently, the only option was to search for a good set of used seat belts or search the net or swap meets for a set of NOS seat belts. However, anyone lucky enough to find the right year and color would have to deal with the excessive sticker shock. The only other options were generic lap belts that just didn’t cut it for Corvette enthusiasts who wanted to maintain their Corvette’s originality.

Zip’s new Reproduction Corvette Seat Belts offer the best of everything – originality, affordability and safety! All Corvette Seat Belts from Zip Corvette are sewn, assembled and tested in the US under the latest FMVSS safety guidelines, ensuring your Corvette is equipped with the latest in today’s stringent safety standards.


  • Several different styles reflecting GM’s changes to seat belts over the years
  • Assembled and tested under the latest FMVSS safety guidelines