Wilwood Track and Street Rotor Kits for C6 Z06/Grand Sport Corvettes

wilwoodpromatrixIf your C6 Z06 or Grand Sport’s braking has you wanting more, then check out these new offering from Wilwood. The SRP kits are just as happy stopping your Vette at the track on the weekends and they are stopping it in traffic during the week, while the ProMatrix SV-GT is for all out track cars. 

Official Release:

Wilwood Engineering has just released two new ProMatrix SV-GT (p/n 140-12496) and SRP (p/n 140-12496-D) Series track rotor kits for the 2005 and newer C6 Z06 and Grand Sport Chevrolet Corvettes. ProMatrix track rotor kits are direct dimensional replacements for sport driving and competition use on vehicles equipped with 14” front discs and the OE six-piston Z06 and Grand Sport calipers. But once you get past the dimensional duplication, the similarities stop there.

ProMatrix rotors for the C6 Z06 / Grand Sport Chevrolet Corvettes are cast from the same extreme duty Spec 37 iron alloy that has dominated SCCA – STO racing, as well as other sustained high heat road course and oval track competition categories for the past two seasons. First introduced in 2009, Spec 37 is an exclusive Wilwood alloy that delivers the longest wear characteristics and highest degree of thermal stability found in any iron alloy rotor. The rotors use Wilwood’s championship proven 72 staggered vane directional castings for the ultimate in heat management and cooling.

For all out racing, the SV-GT series kits feature fully detail machined, face slotted, and dynamically balanced GT discs. GT discs offer the high degree of thermal stability for sustained high heat competition. The two-piece design mounts the rotors to the OE hubs with billet aluminum hats. This allows a higher concentration of iron in the rotor faces and cooling vanes where it can more effectively manage heat and maintain durability, without keeping unnecessary weight at the mounting points. High strength stainless alloy rotor bolts with 12 point drive heads mount the rotors to the billet aluminum hats. The bolts are lock wire drilled for ultimate reliability and safety.

For street performance and track day fun, SRP drilled and slotted front rotors compliment the OE rear rotors with Wilwood’s signature drill and slot pattern and black E-coat finish. But, don’t underestimate these cross-drilled rotors. SRP rotors do give that high tech style look inside the wheel, plus the added durability of the Spec 37 alloy and 72 staggered directional vane design. This breed of SRP drilled and slotted rotor will easily handle those periodic high temperature cycles during fun days around the track. The E-coat finish also keeps the rust away to stay looking good mile after mile, stop after stop. For many drivers, ProMatrix rotors may be the last set of rotors you ever have to buy.

Wilwood brake products, for street and track, use the same cutting edge technology that has helped Wilwood dominate racing and motorsports for nearly four decades. ProMatrix SV-GT rotor kits will deliver the highest level of performance for demanding competition. SRP rotor kits will maintain that high tech look inside the wheels while delivering uncompromising performance for the street driver and track fun enthusiast.


  • Made from Spec 37 iron alloy, known for delivering the best in wear characteristics and thermal stability in any iron alloy rotor
  • Direct dimensional replacements for use on Corvettes
  • SV-GT provides the ultimate for all-out racing, while SRP works best with street performance and track day fun

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