The 2006-2013 Corvette Z06 is one heck of a machine, there’s no denying that! Our friends over at Pfadt Racing take the 505 HP LS7 one step further, by creating these amazing Tri-Y long-tube headers. You can see as much as 40 additional horsepower and 40 lb-ft. of torque to the rear tires with these headers fitted to your LS7. Get more details below!

Official Release:

Pfadt Tri-Y Corvette Headers For C6 Z06

Pfadt Race Engineering is taking its expertise in manufacturing well-engineered high performance suspension components and implementing it in a new breakthrough Tri-Y header design for C6 Corvettes! Immediately setting itself out from the pack, the headers feature what you have come to expect from Pfadt: motorsports design technology in a street-performance Corvette product.

The Pfadt design takes proper exhaust flow to a new level by pairing non-adjacent cylinders together to create a super-scavenging effect with the 4-into-2-into-1 (Tri-Y) construction. In this system, the exhaust flow from individual cylinder pulses are optimized to suck air into the combustion chamber from the intake. This creates a much more efficient power curve that results in a greater amount of usable torque (called torque under the curve) in the mid-range, while not sacrificing any top-end power for peak numbers.


  • TRI-Y Design, 4-2-1 tube merging
  • Makes much more torque under the curve, while still increasing top end HP
  • 1.75/2″ tube diameter
  • CNC flanges with OEM locating features
  • Fully hand-TIG welded on-site
  • T-304 16 Gauge Stainless Steel
  • Fully Brushed Stainless Steel Finish
  • V-Band Clamp connections
  • Equal length long tubes
  • Full 3″ collector and X-pipe available w/ and w/o Cats
  • Comes with bullet-nosed flange bolts for installation
  • Comes with 2 or 4 O2 Sensor extenders (depending on cats or no-cats option)
  • Comes with Cometic Multi-Layer Steel gasket upgrades
  • Exhaust system with Cats is 24lbs lighter than factory
  • Exhaust system without Cats is 27lbs lighter than factory.
  • Made in Salt Lake City, Utah