Video: LG Motorsports Mono Ball Kit For C5 & C6 Corvettes

When you start pushing the limits of your C5 or C6 Corvette, you might not know how the stock suspension holds up to the extra power. In this video, you can see just how much flex the stock bushings have, and what adding the LG Motorsports Mono Ball Kit does to keep the wheel where it is suppose to be.

Official Release:

LG Motorsports is proud to release their mono ball control arm kit for the home user for their C5, or C6 project.

This is something that we have been doing on our own Corvette race cars, and customer cars for years but was only done in house here at LG Motorsports….


Coming directly from our World Challenge and GrandAm projects, this kit is now available for you to install at home. Don’t have time or tools? Have one of the tech’s here at LG Motorsports set the control arms up for you. *ask your sales rep for details

What does this do for you? These will allow the arms to pivot in a smooth, and correct motion, like they are suppose to. No more defecting of the rubber bushings, changing your alignment on track!

Our kit uses a high quality stainless ball with a Teflon lined race so you will have years of trouble free life from the bearings, just like our HD Quiet end links.

Unlike other kits on the market that have you glue in the housings to the control arms, our kit is precisely machined to be a close press fit that will not move without having to resort to a glue to hold it. This process can be done at home with a little bit of fire and ice, or LG Motorsports can do the install for you!

Kits include mono ball housings, bearings, retaining clips, spacers, cross shafts (were needed) and instructions. Kits are available for all four control arms for C5, C6, C6GS, C6Z06, and C6ZR1. Bearings and any cross shafts are already assembled for you when shipped for install into your control arms.


  • Fits C5, C6, C6GS, C6Z06, and C6ZR1.
  • Bearings and any cross shafts are already assembled
  • Allows the arms to pivot in a smooth, and correct motion

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