Time For An Oil Change? Edelbrock Has You Covered

Edelbrock joined forces with Torco Advanced Lubricants and came up with a variety of Performance Engine Lubricants. These lubricants exceed API standards and, to make choosing the right lubrication an easy process, they come in color-coded bottles.

Official Release:

Edelbrock, known for pioneering the Total Power Package combination of performance-building components, has released a line of Performance Engine Lubricants to protect these critical engine components. This new line of engine lubricants offers a variety of break-in oils, oil additives and synthetics. Edelbrock solicited Torco Advanced Lubricants to develop an offering of break-in oils, additives, and synthetics that meet the strict performance demands and durability requirements of their research and development team.

Edelbrock Chairman, Vic Edelbrock stated: “We developed our performance lubricants to provide our customers with proper lubrication in today’s high performance engines. Over the past 10 years, a lot has changed in the conventional oils available on the shelf at your local parts store. Key ingredients have been stripped from these oils, creating lubrication deficiencies in high-performance applications. Edelbrock Performance Engine Lubricants are blended with the right ingredients for traditional hot-rods and modern performance vehicles. There is no single oil that can cover the market, so we’re giving our customers the variety needed to protect their investment.”

Edelbrock Performance Engine Lubricants are available in a variety of blends, including 10w40 petroleum base or full synthetic zinc-enhanced formulas; 5w30 with Cat-Safe™ protection for late-model domestic and import vehicles; Premium Break-in for proper protection in new or rebuilt engines at start-up; Engine Oil Supplement with zinc additive puts the performance back into conventional motor oils and treats up to six quarts; Edelbrock Engine Assembly Lube provides professional-grade engine assembly lubrication of critical build components in a consumer-friendly package.


  • Available in a variety of blends to meet the demands of traditional and late-model performance engines
  • All Edelbrock Performance Engine Lubricants exceed strict API standards
  • Available in 10w40 or 5w30 synthetic, 10w40 petroleum with zinc additive, Break-In Oil with zinc, Engine Oil Supplement with zinc, and Assembly Lube
  • Color-coded bottles make choosing the right lubrication an easy process
  • All Edelbrock Performance Engine Lubricants are 100% Made in The USA

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