SummitRacingPartToteSummit Racing’s new totes work great for your storage needs. Available in three colors, they measure 7 x 8 x 5.25 inches, offering you almost 300 cu-in of space to hold stuff. Be they parts, tools, or anything else you happen to have around the garage. These totes will resist the outside elements of moisture, sunlight, and curious characters.

Official Release:

Available in red, black, or blue, the new Summit Racing Part Totes are an ideal for hauling or storing parts and gear without breaking your back (or the bank). They’re excellent solutions for transporting tools and parts to remote locations, or for safe storage of critical parts.The totes are made from durable plastic that will resist moisture and chemicals. They include a handy resealable lid that keeps the contents out of the sun and away from prying eyes. Each tote measures 7 inches by 8 inches, and is 5.25 inches deep.


  • Available in red, black, or blue
  • 294 cu-in. of space to store parts, tools, etc.
  • Durable plastic resists moisture and chemicals
  • Resealable lid keeps contents safe from sun and prying eyes