New from Summit Racing – they are now offering C5 Corvette Rescue Parts From Dorman. This kit includes high quality replacements for the most failure prone parts on the C5. See more details below.

Official Release:

It might come as a shock, but the first C5 Corvettes came off the assembly line in 1997. Even the youngest C5 is now a teenager. Sheesh, we’re old.

A C5 Corvette is still a blast to drive—as long as you keep up with the repairs. This Dorman to the Rescue Parts Combo can help you keep your Vette in fighting trim. Summit Racing teamed up with the replacement parts people at Dorman to create this combo of high-quality replacements for some of the C5’s failure-prone parts, right down to the radio knobs.

Dorman keeps a very sharp eye on what gets fixed or replaced most often on hundreds of vehicles. Dorman’s engineers then design high quality replacement parts—and often improve them—so you get parts that install and function like OEM, but without the OEM price tag.


  • High-quality replacements for some of the C5’s failure-prone parts
  • Function like OEM but without the OEM price tag
  • Dorman researched failure prone parts