Schwartz C2 G-Machine Chassis

New from Schwartz Performance – the G-Machine Chassis will bring your C2 Corvette up to today’s handling expectations with exceptional ride quality. See more details below.

Official Release:

When the 1963 Corvette debuted, it was state-of-the-art in performance and handling for the popular Chevy sports car. But remember, in 1963 11” drum brakes and 15×6 wheels wrapped in 195R70x15 tires were considered high tech!

The new G-Machine Chassis is designed specifically for the C2 Corvette and incorporates modern Corvette components to complement the Schwartz engineered workings. An independent rear suspension consists of threaded multi-link arms tethered to Corvette spindles attached to a splined sway bar with billet aluminum sway bar arms. Long, Ridetech adjustable coilovers are positioned at each corner of the chassis to deliver plenty of suspension travel and a smooth ride.

The beefy 4” frame rails produce a much stronger foundation for your Vette and are fit with original mounting points for the body. The G-Machine chassis is designed to fit the larger wheels and tires of today’s standards, although some body mods may be required for the biggest tires.

The standard brake package includes a set of 13” 6-piston Wilwoods up front with 4-piston calipers in the rear. If you want even more stopping power, Schwartz can step up your chassis to 14” and even 15” upgrades. The C2 G-Machine Chassis can be built to accept nearly any GM drivetrain and features an adjustable transmission mount. If you’re interested in an LT1/4, LS or even a classic big block or small block, Schwartz can help you out from a basic GM crate engine to a forced induction screamer!


  • Modern Corvette suspension components and proven Schwartz engineering
  • Supplied with long, adjustable RideTech coilovers
  • Sturdy IRS assembly features multi-adjustable suspension links
  • Splined sway bars with billet arms assure the flat cornering and a smooth ride
  • Accepts all late model GM powertrain options or vintage Corvette drivetrains