Radium Engineering’s Multi-Pump Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Electronic fuel injection is here to stay; it’s the wave of the future for fueling and engine management in automotive performance and racing applications. Competitors and enthusiasts can have challenging plumbing requirements due to the use of multiple fuel pumps or vehicle configuration, and this new multi-pump adjustable fuel regulator from Radium Engineering can handle those demands and more – check it out!

Official Release:

Radium Engineering has delivered a new take on the adjustable fuel pressure regulator by incorporating several unique design elements that allow it to work with multiple fuel pumps and be mounted virtually anywhere, in any direction, without the need for additional hardware.

The Radium Multi-Pump adjustable fuel pressure Regulator’s (MPR) unique design features five O-ring sealed ports including the return port, all mounted horizontally to meet the needs of customers with challenging plumbing configurations and to easily integrate with the company’s line of Fuel Surge Tanks (FSTs). It features three pressure ports; two -6AN on one side that allow users to run pressure lines from multiple pumps and one -8AN on the opposing side for feeding the fuel rail(s). The regulator can also be used for traditional return-style systems. For these types of systems and return-less systems, users can integrate a gauge or sensor by using Radium’ s billet -8 to 1/8”NPT fitting (PN 14-0119, sold separately).

Instead of a basic return port on the bottom, the Radium Engineering MPR has a ‘return chamber’ running in line with the high pressure ports that has two -6AN openings for mounting a return line on either side of the regulator.

The Radium MPR’s unique design delivers great flexibility for mounting and the fuel systems set ups it can be used with. The MPR can be floor mounted using the supplied bracket or wall mounted using the through holes and supplied stainless steel bolts. It can be rotated 180 degrees if necessary to match the mounting direction of a vehicle’s fuel system. Users have the ability to tee a fuel feed line to two rails on V8/V6 engines with dead-end style fuel delivery set ups, or reverse it and combine the output of two pumps into one feed line. It can also be used as a traditional post-rail return regulator. By simply changing the bypass orifice, it can regulate flow for either a low-flow pump or a high-flow fuel pump(s). The options are almost limitless.

The MPR has been tested to regulate the output of over 1,400lph of fuel flow. A 5mm barb is included for vacuum and the MPR delivers fuel at a 1:1 ratio making it ideal for boosted applications.


  • Easily integrates with multiple fuel pumps
  • Can be used with traditional return-style fuel systems and return-less systems
  • Can regulate output of over 1,400lph of fuel flow

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