The last thing you want to see happen is damage to your prized Corvette from simple neglect. That’s what car covers are made for, and SoftShield car covers from Corvette America offer the best outdoor protection for your Chevy sports car.

Official Release

Get the best protection for your Corvette and a 2-Year Warranty with the SoftShield Corvette Car Cover from Corvette America. The SoftShield Cover combines the outdoor protection of the MaxTech Cover with the paint-pampering qualities of our Premium Flannel Cover.

SoftShield’s three outer layers are made of the same UV-treated polypropylene material that makes our MaxTech Cover so durable. The inner fourth layer is made of soft polyester nap that protects your car’s finish with a gentle touch. SoftShield repels dirt and pollutants while remaining breathable.

SoftShield Covers are tailored for each generation/body-style from 1953-Present and features front and rear elastic hems, custom fit mirror pockets and non-scratch tie-down grommets.

Includes a storage bag, tie-down cable and cable lock.


  • Triple-layer of UV-treated polypropylene for durability
  • Repels dirt and pollutants while remaining breathable
  • Includes storage bag, die-down cables, and cable lock