Damaging crankshaft vibration caused by performance modifications is a drag but now you can protect your Chevy LS engine with Fluidampr’s dampers for LS applications. Not only do these dampers protect your engine, they also self adjust to your modifications and continue to self-tune, leaving you with no maintenance to worry about.

Official Release:

Fluidampr Protection For Chevy LS Engine Applications

Springville, NY – Fluidampr performance dampers help protect your engine investment from destructive crankshaft torsional vibration caused by performance upgrades. Available for popular Chevy LS engine applications. Long lasting, maintenance free design automatically adjusts to your modifications then continuously self-tunes in real time across the entire rpm range. Brilliant black zinc chromate finish. Multiple pulley options available. SFI 18.1 race certified. Made in the USA. Learn more and find a retailer at www.fluidampr.com or call (716) 592-1000.


  • Protects your engine from destructive crankshaft vibration caused by performance upgrades
  • Available for Chevy LS engines
  • Maintenance free design adjusts to your modifications and continually tunes itself across the entire rpm range
  • Comes in a black zinc chromate finish
  • SFI 18.1 race certified
  • Made in the USA