Proform Parts has released these new Grade-8 header bolts for most popular American V8 applications. They help solve the problem of the bolts vibrating loose when aftermarket headers are installed into the engine bay, preventing both future leaks and headaches. 

Official Release:


Roseville, MI: Introduced at the 2012 SEMA Show, these wedge locking header bolts solve the constant problem of header bolts vibrating loose without the aid of any cumbersome wires, pins, clips, adhesives, or special tools. This 12-piece set of 1-inch header bolts (#66753) covers GM V6, 265-400 small-block, Buick, Olds, Pontiac (’79 and earlier), Mopar big-blocks 383-440 (Except 413) and AMC V8s using 3/8-inch bolts. ¾-inch length is also available in 12 and 16-piece sets (#66751, #66752 respectively) and are commonly used for cast iron heads, where these 1-inch length bolts are recommended for aluminum heads.

These PROFORM header bolts are assembled using a set of factory installed super hard wedge-locking washers, so there are no additional components. Once correctly torqued, the washers’ serrated teeth grip the bottom of the bolt head and the top surface of the header flange.

This system prevents rotational movement of the bolt due to the wedge-locking tension created by the two washers interfacing cams. Engine vibration actually increases the wedge locking tension, keeping the bolt secure. When removing the headers, these PROFORM header bolts can be un-tightened with a normal wrench. 

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  • Solve the constant problem of header bolts vibrating loose 
  • Available for most popular American V8 applications