Phantom Series G-Stop Brakeline Kits For Late Model Corvettes

Goodridge USA is proud to introduce their three new Phantom Series Brakeline Kits for late model C5 and C6 Corvettes, including both the C5 Z06 and C6 Z06 models. These kits feature stainless braided PTFE hoses complete with stainless steel hose ends, banjos and bolts. All of the necessary hardware is included with the kit, making this kit very do-it-yourself friendly.

Official Release:

Goodridge USA is proud to announce the addition of three new Phantom Series G-Stop brakeline kits for late model Corvettes.  Phantom kits are available for C5 standard and Z06 models, C6 standards, and the C6 Z06 option.  Phantom kits feature black poly-coated Stainless braided PTFE hoses with Stainless hose ends, banjos and bolts. Additional brackets and hardware are protective coated for improved appearance and durability.  Phantoms, as with all G-Stops, ship complete with all necessary hardware to allow easy do-it-yourself installation.

Replacing OE brake lines with –3 PTFE hose improves brake feel over factory lines, eliminates sponginess, and provides shorter stopping distances and consistent braking in performance applications.  The shorter stopping distances and improved pedal response provide safety features as well as performance advantages. All G-Stop lines go through a nine-point quality assurance testing including the materials tensile strength and 3000 psi pressure ratings.  When used with an ABS braking system they virtually eliminate brake pedal “chatter”. All G-Stops conform to FMVSS106-Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard- making them DOT compliant and are TUV approved.

Initially, these kits will be available through a limited number of warehouse distributors, for details on the kits and distribution locations call Goodridge USA at 310-533-1924.

  • Nine-point quality assurance testing including the materials tensile strength and 3000 psi pressure ratings
  • Ships complete with all necessary hardware to allow easy do-it-yourself installation
  • Virtually eliminate brake pedal “chatter” when used with ABS braking systems

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