Pfadt: FeatherLight Double Adjustable Coilovers For C5-C6 Corvette

Pfadt Racing is pleased to release the FeatherLight Double Adjustable Coilovers for C5 and C6 Corvettes. These coilovers offer ride height adjustment, independent rebound and compression adjustment and are fully rebuildable as well.

Official Release:

We here at Pfadt Racing have been winning races and developing products for the Corvette for years, and all the while we’ve fielded requests for a no compromises bolt on coilover solution for these cars. The culmination of months of work at Pfadt Racing and years of experience on the race track. We are extremely pleased to announce the release of our FeatherLight Double Adjustable Coilovers.

We are extremely focused on Corvette performance. As such you can be assured that this package was designed to be the premiere solution for high performance C5 and C6 track day and road race cars. These pieces aren’t a high performance band aid, we had design goals specifically tailored to the C5/6 in mind at every step of the way during the long development of this system. Damping rates were designed and carefully chosen to work superbly for the c5 and c6 chassis, based on our years in the Corvette racing community. From the independent rebound and compression adjustment, to the proprietary BOA low friction upper mount system, we engineered this package to drop lap times and put more Corvettes on the podium.

Taking a closer look at the entire design process sheds some light as to what separates the FeatherLight Doubles from the pack. Gathering user feedback and applying our racing knowledge we designed key points of adjustability into this system that will allow Corvette owners to tailor their cars to any track situation and driving style. A few of these keys include:While these adjustments aren’t new to the Corvette world, what is new is the Corvette specific optimization and durable material selection to reliably put distance between you and the rest of the field. Our new BOA (Ball On Axis) upper shock mount system is an example of this commitment to reliability.

We engineered the BOA upper mount to smoothly articulate across a wider range of motion with minimal deflection and to minimize dead length. Extra articulation in the upper mount reduces bind along the shock shaft, and the reduction in dead length allowed us to maximize available shock stroke that would normally be encroached by a traditional clevis-style mount. Threaded shock bodies are notorious for collecting road debris and jamming spring perches, our ACME threaded shock bodies alleviate some of the stubborn lock ring syndrome that are common on traditionally cut threaded bodies. The inverted design of the shock it’s self offers lower sprung weight than it’s standard counterpart, but thanks to the use of an outer dust seal and inner oil seal you can rest assured that particulates will not make their way into the shock it’s self. The entire package is capped off by a hard anodized 16mm shock shaft for low friction and extra strength, this is 3mm larger than the stock shaft.

The remote canisters not only move compression adjustment to where it can be quickly accessed without removing the wheel, but they provide extra gas volume to prevent pressure buildup in the gas volume under large shock stroke events.The increase in gas volume and the subsequent decrease of pressure in the gas volume versus a conventional designed shock means more consistent performance over the service life of the FeatherLight. Manufactured from high strength aluminum and connected to the shock via sealed braided stainless steel line, the canister it’s self will perform flawlessly time and time again.

As proof of the overall durability of these coilovers we have built an in house durability testing rig that punish our completed FeatherLights to probe their limits. Below you can see video of the rig in action. As of right now we have a set of FeatherLights that have far surpassed the half million cycle mark and they are still going strong. We have implemented these testing processes to ensure that your world class suspension components will remain world class no matter how much abuse these see at the track. Oil aeration is one key component to shock failure, to combat this issue we use a proprietary synthetic oil blend. After beating on this FeatherLight for over 500,000 continuous cycles we placed it on the shock dyno with no changes in the damping curves we designed into them from cycle 1. No shock will last forever, and should these need to be serviced we will offer rebuild services.

  • Independent Rebound and Compression adjustment
  • Ride height adjustment
  • Custom spring rates available
  • Fully Rebuildable
  • Re-Valavable

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