Painless Performance’s PERFECT LS Gauge Controller for LS Engines

Monitoring your engine is important to all enthusiasts–having the ability to see oil pressure, RPM, and other typical parameters is just part of the fun of being an enthusiast. But if you’ve swapped an LS engine into your hot rod you may be pulling out your hair trying to figure out how to see what the engine’s doing. Fear no more; the sweet new PERFECT LS Gauge Controller from Painless Performance is here to help.

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If you’re lucky enough to have an LS engine bolted under the hood of a classic vehicle, chances are you’re looking for a convenient way to connect a set of aftermarket gauges to monitor the new driveline’s parameters. Painless Performance now offers the solution with the PERFECT LS Gauge Controller.

The compact LS Gauge Controller simply plugs into the OEM OBD-II connector and is supplied with another matching connector. This unique feature means there is still access to the OBD-II port for other connections or troubleshooting the EFI system without disconnecting your gauges. Once connected, the Gauge Controller receives information from the factory engine sensors and converts the data into five different output signals for your aftermarket gauges including vehicle speed, rpm, coolant temperature, oil pressure and fuel level (when used with a factory sending unit). Not only does this ease the installation of aftermarket gauges but it saves you time and extra wiring involved with installing duplicate sensors.


  • Converts the factory EFI data into five different output signals for corresponding aftermarket gauges 
  • Connects to the OBD II outlet of the LS control harness 
  • Saves time, wiring and money by sharing data rather than duplicating sensors on the engine 
  • Compatible with all GM gas drivetrains using the factory style ECU

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