With the swap of the LS-series engine being all the rage these days, it only makes sense to supply enthusiasts with everything they need to make their lives a little bit easier. That’s where Pace Performance comes in. They’ve been one of the leaders in Chevrolet Performance parts for years, and they’ve been putting together packages for the shadetree mechanic for quite some time. Now they have just released this kit specifically for someone wanting to swap in a T56 into just about anything with an LS-series engine.

Pace Exclusive GM LS 8-Bolt Crank Tremec T56 Install Package!

This kit is for use with Tremec T56 6 speed transmission behind any LS based engine with 8 bolt crankshaft flange and up to 650 ft/lbs torque. This kit is designed for use with a hydraulic throw out bearing (clutch master cylinder is NOT included)

Kit includes

• SFI approved steel bell housing
• Inspection cover and hardware
• Bellhousing to block bolts
• 12” HD Clutch and pressure plate
• Hydraulic throw out bearing
• 14” 8 bolt LS flywheel, SFI Approved
• Flywheel to crankshaft bolts
• Large and small diameter roller pilot bearings
• T56 driveshaft yoke
• T56 speed sensor electrical pigtail connector
• T56 speed sensor hole plug
• T56 1st gear solenoid electrical pigtail connector
• T56 B/U-neutral safety switch electrical pigtail connector

GMP-T5635879 LS 8-Bolt T56 Install Package

For more information visit www.paceperformance.com


  • Everything you need for easy installation
  • OEM-quality parts
  • Handles up to 650 ft. lbs of torque